Thank You Military Families

Thank You Military Families Let’s remember to say thank you to military families. November was first declared as Military Family Month in 1996. Since then, November has been a time to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices our military families make. These families embody strength, resilience, and courage.  The care of military families and children sustains our… Read More »

Great Companies

Great Companies If you have been in the business world for any amount of time you have undoubtedly read dozens of articles or books on what makes great companies.  I have worked with and studied HR leaders over many years and have come to my own conclusion. Books, leaders, and HR professionals all have their… Read More »

Best In Class

Best in Class Best in class is a term for the top performing results for a particular metric.  The term is used in benchmarking as companies typically compare results to the organization or industry that achieves superior results in a particular area. Best-in-Class Attributes Those companies have leaders that are decisive when it comes to steering… Read More »

Mfg Trends in 2022 – Jobs Part 4

Mfg Trends in 2022 – Jobs Part 4 Critical Jobs Many manufacturers still struggle to fill critical jobs.  In a tight job market where every candidate interaction counts, manufacturers need to take swift, intentional steps to attract women and younger generations. As well as the need to continue to find ways to broaden the talent… Read More »

Happy Diwali – Good over Evil

Happy Diwali – Good over Evil Over 1 billion people worldwide will be  participating in Diwali festivities this week. Diwali is one of the largest celebrations across India.   It’s a colorful holiday that marks the Hindu calendar’s new year and commemorates the triumph of good over evil.  And let’s face it Good over Evil is… Read More »

Mfg Trends in 2022 Part 3

Carbon Footprint in manufacturing - Manufacturing trends

Manufacturing Trends in 2022 – Part 3 Manufacturing Carbon Footprint Manufacturers will need to look at how they design, source, manufacture, deliver, and service all their products. It’s a daunting proposition as the sustainability imperative continues to grow. By building sustainable practices into processes, manufacturers can tackle their single largest sustainability obstacle while at the… Read More »

Mfg Trends in 2022-Part 2 of 4

Mfg Trends in 2022-Part 2 of 4 Manufacturing Sustainability Part 2 The most successful manufacturing companies in 2022 and beyond will be the ones that are quicker to adapt to uncertainties. A transformation of the entire manufacturing system will most likely be required.  Economically-sound processes will need to be addressed in order for any manufacturing… Read More »

Mfg Trends in 2022-Part I of 4

Mfg Trends in 2022 – Part 1 of 4 This year has proven to be both dynamic and disruptive for the manufacturing industry and 2022 shows no sign of slowing down.  Manufacturing companies are needed in the U.S. economy.  Successful manufacturing companies have many challenges to meet our increasing demand for goods.  Part 1 of… Read More »

HRBP-A Strategic Business Partner

HRBP-A Strategic Business Partner A HRBP strategic business partner bridges the gap between the work of the HR team, vision and goals of the company’s leadership team.  Gone are the days of listing job postings on bulletin boards and keeping thick files of paperwork on every employee. HR has gone digital and that technological shift,… Read More »

Sarcastic Awareness Month

Sarcastic Awareness Month As we all know, October is the month notorious for Halloween themed events, television specials, and gaudy Halloween costumes. However, you might not be aware that October is National Sarcastic Awareness Month, or as some may call it National Sarcasm Month.  Sarcasm can be hilarious when it’s all done in good fun.… Read More »