Client Success Stories

Manufacturer Opens a New Facility

The Challenge An existing customer, a tier 2 automotive supplier, was opening a new facility in a region they had not been doing business in. The new operation required the company to build a new facility and hire a workforce of over 700 people. Since everything was new, once the workers were hired, they needed… Read More »

Manufacturer Needs Help at Multiple Locations

The Challenge A customer in the automotive industry had multiple facilities throughout the Midwest. In many of the facilities they used contract staffing firms. The customer was having issues meeting their staffing demands, as well as launching new locations, and wanted to find a better solution throughout the organization. The Solution The customer had been… Read More »

Manufacturer Needs Help Hiring Qualified Workers

The Challenge In the summer of 2018, a company was experiencing difficulty hiring qualified individuals, coupled with an extreme amount of turnover. The lack of employees impacted the company‚Äôs ability to staff production lines and keep up with manufacturing demands, resulting in lines being shut down. Their inability to operate all their machines negatively impacted… Read More »