Keywords And Attribute Recruiting

Keywords And Attribute Recruiting Traditional methods of assessing job candidates cannot contend with the needs of today’s tough hiring market. An attributes-based approach to recruitment broadens talent pipelines and improves diversity and retention.  There’s a big distinction between hiring based on experience versus experiences. Be sure when sourcing your candidate your keywords and attribute recruiting… Read More »

Digital Workplace is the Future

Digital Workplace is the Future A truly great customer experience begins with a truly great employee experience. Employees need to be empowered to help create the future of work today. New skills, mindsets, digital learning and behaviors will be required to allow for resilience during periods of significant digital change.  Make no mistake a digital… Read More »

Our Work Life Has Changed

Our Work Life Has Changed Our work life has changed.  Hardly no one made it through the pandemic with their work life unchanged. Millions of people lost their jobs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment dropped by 20.5 million people in the U.S. alone in April 2020. Service providers were hit most intensely:… Read More »

Diversity Hiring

Diversity Hiring These days, it’s rare that you land on a career page and don’t see the words “diversity and inclusion.” In recent years, diversity hiring has become a more relevant and pressing issue.  A diverse team contribute better ideas, craft more creative and effective solutions, and ultimately benefit companies’ bottom lines. But, if it’s not… Read More »

Thanksgiving A Day to Reflect

Thanksgiving A Day to Reflect As we approach Thanksgiving Day, it may do all of us some good to take a deep breath and realize that although this past year was difficult at times, we have made it.  We have persevered through another year and that is commendable in and of itself.  Thanksgiving It is… Read More »

Good Deeds

Good Deeds This is Thanksgiving week.  A time to remember to be thankful for all the things in our lives.  Good deeds are actions you take for the betterment of another person or the society as a whole.  When we see the world turning harder and colder to one another be sure to go out… Read More »

Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy in the Workplace Empathy in the Workplace will increase retention and productivity.  Empathetic leadership is  having the ability to understand the needs of others.  As well as being aware of their feelings and thoughts. Unfortunately, it has long been a soft skill that’s overlooked as a performance indicator.  however,  today’s successful leaders must be more… Read More »


#SocialEnvy Why do I write about #SocialEnvy today?  These are my thoughts.  In this current age of social media, it can feel as though the people we follow have everything figured out. It’s easier to fall into a negativity loop caused by constantly comparing ourselves to other people when their seemingly perfect lives turn up… Read More »

Is it Passion or a Job?

Is it Passion or a Job? Is it passion or a job? Remember back when we were kids?  You would just do things.  And never thought, “Do I want to be a cheerleader OR do I want to PLAY basketball?” We built sandcastles, played tag, asked silly questions, played with our pets, and pretended to… Read More »

PTSD in the Workplace

PTSD in the Workplace Is there PTSD in the Workplace?  Is it in YOUR workplace?  The acronym “PTSD,” short for “post-traumatic stress disorder,” gets thrown around a lot.  It is widely recognized in military personnel, combat veterans, and victims of assault.  However, the truth is that it can and does affect people that have encountered… Read More »