HRBP-A Strategic Business Partner

HRBP-A Strategic Business Partner

HR Strategic Business Partner

A HRBP strategic business partner bridges the gap between the work of the HR team, vision and goals of the company’s leadership team.  Gone are the days of listing job postings on bulletin boards and keeping thick files of paperwork on every employee. HR has gone digital and that technological shift, along with a younger workforce, has changed the role of human resources.  Build your company’s HR-Strategic Business Partner and share the growth.

How HR Has Changed Over Time

The history of human resources dates back to the late 1800s.  Where industrial welfare workers inspected factories and helped to regulate hours for a workforce that included children.  In the early 1900s, the National Cash Register Company created a personnel department to manage grievances following a series of strikes. This was the beginning of Human Resources as we know it.

HR Manager vs. HR-Strategic Business Partner (HRBP)

While the HR department can operate as a strategic partner collectively, the individual roles of a strategic HRBP and HR manager are different.  The most impactful element of the HRBP role is being a strategic partner to the business.  The HRBP helps to translate the organizational strategy into HR strategy. When HRBPs embrace this role, companies see clear business benefits through employee performance, retention, revenue,  profit and market share.

A strategic HRBP asks, “How can HR help create an engaging, high-performance culture that drives the whole business forward?”

Know the Business

You have an in-depth knowledge of HR operations, but to be a successful business partner, you will need to understand the entire business inside and out.  Take the time to educate yourself on the company products, services, and business model. Spend a day, shadowing employees to see how they work, what processes they follow, and uncover key strengths and pain points.

Data-Driven Decisions

HR strategy should always be driven by data and evidence. Get comfortable pulling reports, reviewing and analyzing data.   One of the most valuable contributions a strategic HRBP can make is to use data to identify key insights and tell stories that drive an action on the right things at the right time.

Assess and Prioritize

Consider what your needs will be for the next 1-5 years so you can plan the programs and processes that will help your company reach its goals.  As a strategic HR partner, identify what resources are available and where to invest them for the most impact.  Use data and HR metrics to evaluate whether you have the organizational resources and support for different strategies and prioritize your plans accordingly.

The Cardinal Culture – Woman Owned

We understand there will always be daily challenges.  That’s why we remain flexible to the needs of our valued clients and candidates.  And why we remain the Best-In-Class staffing partner since 1994. We should be your staffing partner.  Contact us Today!

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