That Elusive Passive Candidate

That Elusive Passive Candidate

Elusive Passive CandidateWe all need them.  We all are searching for that elusive passive candidate to fill our open positions.  But we struggle as to how to find and retain them.  We have a labor market bursting with opportunities.  An economy bracing for a predicted recession and the potential of stagflation.  Recruiters and hiring managers right now are facing unprecedented economic and sociological factors that are making their jobs harder than ever.

Passive Candidate Attributes

By definition, Passive candidates are people who are not actively looking for another job. So, what exactly makes a passive candidate a strong hire?  They tend to be perfectly content in their current roles. Therefore, they have likely built strong ties with their current employers and have proven to be valuable assets to their teams.

Relationships and Culture

A passive candidate is more likely to be focused on relationships, company culture, and long-term economic sustainability.  And that significantly impacts how they assess and vet new opportunities.  Consider having other employees speak to the candidate about your company’s culture and diversity, since job seekers will place more trust in them than recruiters on this subject.

Company Brand and Culture

89% of passive candidates evaluate your brand before applying. Before applying however, they’re going to dig deep into your brand and workplace culture. If your brand and culture isn’t well managed, those passive candidates may run in the other direction.


Company diversity matters to 76% of job seekers. Diversity is an increasingly important trend to which businesses must pay attention.  Many applicants will look for evidence of diversity before applying and during the interview process. 70% of companies have a diversity and inclusion policy within their hiring process. Having a clear policy in place will help your company attract and retain top-qualified talent. Only 18% of companies are reporting using an anonymous screening (or blind hiring) process can help reduce bias when hiring.  Is your company one of the 18%?

Cardinal Staffing Services – Hiring Process

Our process for candidates is streamlined and designed to get you working as quickly as possible at a job where you will shine.

  1.  Apply online OR at a local branch
  2. Meet your recruiter & skills testing (if applicable)
  3. Drug screen and background check (when applicable)
  4. Assignment given with start date, time, and location.

Are you’re ready to find a job you’ll love?  Contact us today!

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