A Kinder Society

A Kinder Society Can we have a kinder society?  Society is a mixed bag of people. There are countless people who will go out of their way to help others without asking for anything in return. However, there are also those who are simply unkind, judgmental, and even abusive to others.  Each of us need… Read More »

Global Diversity Awareness

Global Diversity Awareness October brings us Global Diversity Awareness Month.  This should remind us of the positive impact of what a diverse workforce can have on society. More and more, the world becomes a place where cultures and customs come together.  Though at times we might be uncertain about what is appropriate, there is an… Read More »

Happy Mad Hatter Day

Happy Mad Hatter Day Today, October 6th is set aside each year to bring out your silly side while you celebrate National Mad Hatter Day.  Remember what rabbit said in Alice in Wonderland? “Oh, my fur and whiskers, I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late,… Read More »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Yes, October is breast cancer awareness month.  Just the phrase breast cancer makes us hold our breathe for a moment.  1 in 8 women in their lifetime will develop breast cancer.  And about 530 men will die this year from breast cancer. That means that we have all been affected either… Read More »

That Elusive Passive Candidate

That Elusive Passive Candidate We all need them.  We all are searching for that elusive passive candidate to fill our open positions.  But we struggle as to how to find and retain them.  We have a labor market bursting with opportunities.  An economy bracing for a predicted recession and the potential of stagflation.  Recruiters and… Read More »

GenZ’ers – The New Workforce

GenZ’ers – The New Workforce There’s a new stream of talent hitting the workforce.  GenZ’ers are the new workforce.  But how do we reach them?   Firstly, we must try to understand them.  Secondly, we need to know how we can engage in meaningful discussions with them. For GenZ’ers, social media isn’t just a place to… Read More »

Trend or a Trendsetter

Trend or a Trendsetter Business trends seem to be always changing. But new marketing ideas emerge, and classic methods evolve.  Some businesses might find that they’re simply copying what others are doing.  This behavior can prove fatal to a business in a competitive marketplace.  By taking the pulse of your company’s vision, culture, online presence… Read More »

National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month Each September, National Preparedness Month encourages and reminds Americans to be prepared for disasters or emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities.  Use this opportunity to find ways or help others understand more about preparing for disasters and reducing risks to your health and to the environment. Seconds save lives Even seconds of advance… Read More »

Sales Manager Bedford

Sales Manager Bedford   Camille Isaacs, Sales Manager cisaacs@cardinalstaffing.com 7400 Lewis Ave Temperance, MI 48182 Office: 734-850-9100 Next in our Spotlight Series Sales Manager Bedford  is Camille.  She has a BFA with a focus in painting and drawing from Bowling Green State University (BGSU).  Her professional experience includes managing not 1 but 2 of (dare… Read More »

National Suicide Prevention Month

National Suicide Prevention Month Did you know, that on average, one person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes?  As a result, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has designated September as National Suicide Prevention Month.  The month of September shines a spotlight on a topic that is not often talked about.  The mental health of yourself… Read More »