Trend or a Trendsetter

Trend or a Trendsetter

trend or trendsetterBusiness trends seem to be always changing. But new marketing ideas emerge, and classic methods evolve.  Some businesses might find that they’re simply copying what others are doing.  This behavior can prove fatal to a business in a competitive marketplace.  By taking the pulse of your company’s vision, culture, online presence and growth you can assess whether your company is just on trend OR a trendsetter.

Problems with Trends

One problem with trends is that by the time they are identified, they’re usually already old news. Are we reading the same trade publications and articles?  We will always be behind the curve if we simply copy what we read and learn about.  It’s important to read about current tactics that’s working and learn from them, using them as jumping-off points for your own company’s creative strategies.

Trends Change

Consumer habits change. And when that happens, unprepared businesses can crumble. For a lasting success, businesses can’t  just know the market, but must be able to create a space that addresses a long-term need. Let’s think about it this way, a particular smartwatch app may be successful for a while.  But an app that can work across a variety of platforms, from wearables to phones, is more likely to endure for the long haul.

When You Should Follow Trends

As a trendsetter the overall concept should be unique and innovative.  But there are still areas where trends do apply, like in back office and administrative tasks.  By paying attention to trends like cloud technology and big data for example, they can help your business.  So, by following the trends your company can save time and effort from what other businesses are doing.

Trend Insights

Studying trends can also provide insight into your overall market to better find your own customers. Is your customer demographic more likely to use Facebook or Twitter?  Twitch or Reddit?  Reading articles about these trends can help you learn more about social media demographics and habits that you can then use to tweak your own efforts.

Make it a Concept Not a Trend

Paying attention to trends when it comes to running a business is important, but ignore the trends when you’re choosing a theme, marketing plan, and concept for the work your company does.  Be an innovator instead of following-the-crowd and you will enjoy years of success and grow your business!

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