No Room for Doubt: The Strong Points of Contract to Permanent Positions

If you’re in the market for a new job, you might wonder about contract to permanent roles. This type of position serves as a sort of extended interview, giving you and your new employer the chance to get to know each other. You’ll start on a temporary contract. Then, if both sides feel it’s the right fit, you’ll transition into a full-time role. Here are a few reasons to consider this option.

Get Hired Faster

A lot of employers are hesitant to bring on full-time staff members. Maybe they aren’t sure whether they really need someone permanent. Or perhaps your skills and experience don’t quite hit all their “wish list” items. But they may be willing to act faster on a contract to a permanent role, since there’s an escape clause. Once you’re in the door, you can show them all the reasons why they should hire you full-time. The process can also be less stressful, since by the time you hit the interview phase, the company will already be familiar with your work.

Check Out the Company

Starting out as a contract worker gives you the chance to check out the company from the inside. You can gain first-hand knowledge of the corporate culture and politics before you commit. And you’ll even have the chance to spend time with the team you would join to determine where you fit in.

Sample the Job

If you’re making a career change, working in a contract to a permanent role gives you valuable hands-on experience. You can determine whether this is really the direction you want to take your career. Even if the job is similar to your previous position, though, you’ll have the chance to assess everything from the commute to the daily duties before signing on long term.

Put Your Name Out There

Whether or not you stay with the company, every position is an opportunity to build your network. Maybe you’ll meet someone with a lead on a full-time role that would be perfect for you. Showing off your skills is always valuable, even if it turns out to be a short-term gig.

Ready for your next role?

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