Is Your Company Culture to Blame for Your High Turnover?

Are you dealing with high employee turnover? Maybe your company’s culture is to blame. And negativity in the workplace can be catching, making the overall atmosphere even worse. Take a hard look at what’s going on in the workplace, with an eye toward these five red flags.

Overwhelmed Employees

People like to stay busy and productive. But overwork is a recipe for burnout and ultimately leaving the company. Review everyone’s workloads—are they balanced? Are project deadlines reasonable? And who’s covering for the team members who have already left? If your employees are trying to do too much, consider bringing in temp workers to take the pressure off.


No one likes to feel like someone is looking over their shoulder. Watch your managers’ performance, and be ready to step in and provide coaching if needed. Management should set parameters, give workers the tools for success, and then get out of their way. Make sure there are clear feedback channels for employees to seek help if needed, and encourage your managers to check in regularly but not too frequently.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs some downtime. Pay attention to what happens when a shift ends. Do workers go home on time, or are they frequently staying late? Have you noticed an increase in absenteeism? Is there an expectation that they’ll answer emails or phone calls during their off hours? Do they get enough breaks throughout the day, and are they encouraged to go offsite during those times?

Unused PTO

Do your employees feel comfortable taking time off, or are they accumulating unused PTO hours? Encouraging your team members to take regular vacations can help prevent burnout, keeping everyone happier and healthier. Make sure your managers are taking time off as well. Front-line workers will take their cues from what their supervisors do.

Lack of Career Pathways

People will eventually leave a company that offers little opportunity for advancement. To limit employee turnover, make sure that there are clear paths for moving up, along with transparent criteria for promotions. Consider meeting one-on-one with all your employees to talk about their aspirations and ways of meeting their goals.

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