Is Your Company Culture to Blame for Your High Turnover?

Are you dealing with high employee turnover? Maybe your company’s culture is to blame. And negativity in the workplace can be catching, making the overall atmosphere even worse. Take a hard look at what’s going on in the workplace, with an eye toward these five red flags. Overwhelmed Employees People like to stay busy and… Read More »

Candidates, Culture, and Branding

Employer Branding

Candidates, Culture and Branding Pre-pandemic organizations interviewed potential new employees with the expectation that the candidate was there because they needed or wanted the job.  Companies believed the candidate would accept an offer no matter how mundane, or paint-by-number an interview was.  But things are changing. A Changing Work World The world of work is… Read More »

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You?

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You I’m not talking about a logo’d keychain or coffee mug. I’m talking about how we are on-top of our game in recruiting.  Finding top candidates is what we do, all day, every day!  Is it challenging – well sure!  But it’s our thing. The Right Experience Customer experience… Read More »

Attrition vs Retention

Attrition vs Retention No matter what industry you are in, it’s normal for employees to come and go. Although similar, employee attrition and retention are not the same but both are important HR Metrics for developing and managing a robust and productive workforce.   Attrition and Retention Attrition is the gradual reduction of a workforce as… Read More »

Multicultural Workplace

Multicultural Workplace We are surrounded by cultural diversity in our daily lives. From global product trends, cuisines, and to the clothes we wear. Even our workplaces are culturally diverse. In fact, cultural diversity in the workplace will drive innovation, creative thinking, and offers new perspectives to challenges that arise. The secret’s out, a great company culture and a multicultural workplace… Read More »

Great Companies

Great Companies If you have been in the business world for any amount of time you have undoubtedly read dozens of articles or books on what makes great companies.  I have worked with and studied HR leaders over many years and have come to my own conclusion. Books, leaders, and HR professionals all have their… Read More »

Stand Apart or Stand Out

Stand Apart or Stand Out Does your company stand apart or stand out of the competition?  65% of consumers profess they love fewer than three brands.  That means you are constantly in competition for your customer’s dollar. Your Company must stand apart in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. However, distinguishing your company from competitors… Read More »

Brand or Culture?

Brand or Culture? What is more important?  A Brand or company Culture? Can one be without the other in an organization?  The brand is how a company’s behavior is perceived by their customers and the outside world.  On the other hand the culture  is how employee behavior is connected with the company and customer experience.… Read More »

Attracting the Best Talent

How to find the best Talent

Attracting the Best Talent Attracting the best talent is a process.  The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies have challenges finding and keeping them.  You want top-notch talent on your team. That’s understandable. But there’s one issue you keep running into again and again. How do you find the… Read More »