Unleashing Your Potential in a Light Industrial Position

If you prefer moving around at work rather than sitting at a desk, a light industrial role might be the best choice for you. Light industrial is a broad field that encompasses all sorts of positions throughout warehouses and manufacturing facilities. But how can you decide which job is the right fit, and how can… Read More »

Feeling The Summer Slump? Boost Your Work Motivation with These Strategies

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Safety Strategies: A Handbook for Employees in Manufacturing

Manufacturing positions, such as machine operator or assembly line worker, can be tedious and even mind-numbing. But they are also safety-critical roles, because things could go very badly very quickly. Here are some proactive steps you can take to minimize risks on the manufacturing floor. Always Use PPE Depending on your specific position, you may… Read More »

7 Key Indicators to Ensure Job Compatibility to Your Goals

How do you know that the position you’re interested in is the right fit for you? Obviously, you will want to consider the salary and benefits, but making the right match goes far deeper. Here are seven things to consider when deciding whether a position aligns with your long-term goals. Growth Prospects Where do you… Read More »

Navigating the Long Haul: Cultivating a Mindset for Career Longevity

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Finding Ease in Relocation for a New Job

Available jobs can be found anywhere, but what happens if your ideal role opens up in a city far from home? Relocation is a big decision, but it can offer tremendous rewards. If you do decide to relocate, here are some ways to minimize stress and settle into your new community. Benefits of Relocation There… Read More »

Three Signs a Career in Recruiting is Right For You

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A Guide to Express Your Job Aspirations Effectively in an Interview

An interview can be an intimidating time to express your desires, needs, and goals. But it’s the only way to determine whether a position is the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at some strategies for effectively expressing your job aspirations during this challenging time. Understand Your Career Path You can’t explain why… Read More »

Working in Flint, MI: What You Should Know

Flint, Michigan, has certainly had its share of troubles in the past. Accordingly, it may not be the first place you think of when you picture a thriving light industrial town. But Flint has reinvented itself in the past few years, and now there are a lot of perks to living and working in the… Read More »

Decoding a Candidate’s Quality Through an Interview

An interview is good for getting to know a candidate. But how do you gain the insights you need to make the best hiring decision? Here are a few questions to ask that will help you dig deeper and find the information you need. Tell Me About a Success You Had Using X Skill Most… Read More »