Is Your Company Culture to Blame for Your High Turnover?

Are you dealing with high employee turnover? Maybe your company’s culture is to blame. And negativity in the workplace can be catching, making the overall atmosphere even worse. Take a hard look at what’s going on in the workplace, with an eye toward these five red flags. Overwhelmed Employees People like to stay busy and… Read More »

Is Work Life Balance a Myth

Is Work Life Balance a Myth We hear so much about having a work-life balance, but is it a myth? I mean you can say ‘I’m out of the office by X o’clock’ but chances are you are still thinking about work during your evening and what you have to do tomorrow.  What does work-life… Read More »

Work Life Mental Health

Work life mental health

Work Life Mental Health Now is a good time to pause and reflect.  Each May we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month.  This is the month set aside to wipe away stigma about vocalizing personal mental health challenges and issues.  Employee mental health has become a workplace topic of increased focus and awareness in recent years. … Read More »

Is Brand Culture a Company Culture

Is Brand Culture a Company Culture Every customer experience is a memory. An impression in the mind that can stick for a minute or a lifetime. A positive experience can result in lasting loyalty. But a poor experience can almost instantly mean the end of a relationship.  Brand culture is effectively how a company’s employees live… Read More »

Attracting the Best Talent

How to find the best Talent

Attracting the Best Talent Attracting the best talent is a process.  The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies have challenges finding and keeping them.  You want top-notch talent on your team. That’s understandable. But there’s one issue you keep running into again and again. How do you find the… Read More »