How to Combat Absenteeism in Manufacturing & Warehouse Work

Although the Great Resignation seems to have come to an end, the labor market remains very tight. Workers know that they can easily get another job, especially in high-demand fields such as manufacturing and warehouse work. So, what can employers do to help limit ghosting, midday walkouts, and other costly absenteeism? Here are a few tips.

Focus on What You Can Control

You can’t actually stop people from walking out. But you can create an atmosphere that entices them to stay. Focus on making your team members feel valued. This can include perks such as catered lunches, employee sports teams, or onsite childcare. But it also includes such low-cost measures as flexible work schedules, mentor programs, diverse onboarding processes, plenty of PTO, and career development opportunities.

Make Contract Workers Part of the Team

Contract workers are invaluable for manufacturing and warehouse employers, who often cope with seasonal surges in demand. But too often, they are overlooked when it comes to benefits and perks. You don’t need to give your temp employees a 401K, but be sure to extend basic team member perks to them. Invite them to teambuilding exercises. Get their order when buying lunch for your staff. Help them stay motivated and enthused. Show them that you appreciate them, and they are likely to come back when you need them—and you never know when a contract worker might become a full-time team member.

Work with a Staffing Partner

Manufacturing and warehousing staffing agencies understand the pressures that your company faces. We also know the challenges of working in this industry. This knowledge and experience makes us uniquely qualified to serve as a go-between and be an integral part of you company-wide staffing plans.

We can help you learn what today’s workers are looking for, and we can also set expectations with candidates before they ever set foot on your worksite. Transparency and communication can go a long way towards reducing absenteeism, creating a win-win for both you and your temporary and permanent staff.

Looking for new talent?

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