Five Tips to Get your Good Work Noticed on the Job

Are you trying to work your way towards a promotion this year? Getting ready to ask your boss for a raise? Try these five tips to get your good work noticed and start leveling up.

Create a Feedback Folder

A folder full of accolades makes a powerful statement about your good work. Consider starting two files, one physical and one digital. Every time you get a positive note from your boss, a client, or even a coworker, save it in the relevant file.

Take Notes

Whenever you complete a project or implement a new process, take a few minutes to write down some basic information. Note what the project was, your role in it, and the specific actions you took. A few weeks later, revisit your notes and add commentary on what happened as a result.

Focus on Professional Development

No matter how good you are at your job, there’s always room to learn something new. And going out of your way to continue learning and growing will get you noticed. Volunteer for new projects. Ask about tuition reimbursement for a certification course related to your job. Request cross-training in a different department.

Find a Mentor

A mentor is a senior employee who serves as part teacher, part cheerleader, and part coach. Your mentor can do quite a few things for your career, from helping you develop specific skills to guiding your career path. And senior employees tend to have a lot of sway. Make sure you establish a good working relationship with your manager. With a mentor in your corner, it can be easier to bring your good work to the attention of management.

Ask for Regular Progress Reviews

Quarterly or even monthly meetings with your boss serve several purposes. They can help ensure that you’re going in the right direction. They can identify specific areas of weakness for you to work on. And they can keep you top-of-mind. Reviews also give you a chance to wave your own flag a describe those things that make you unique and valuable to the organization. When a new opportunity opens, you want to be the first person your boss thinks of for that promotion.

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