Candidates, Culture, and Branding

Employer Branding

Candidates, Culture and Branding

Pre-pandemic organizations interviewed potential new employees with the expectation that the candidate was there because they needed or wanted the job.  Companies believed the candidate would accept an offer no matter how mundane, or paint-by-number an interview was.  But things are changing.

A Changing Work World

The world of work is changing rapidly.

To find and retain top talent today, organizations need to consider the candidate experience. A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found nearly half of U.S. job seekers turned down a job offer because of a less-than-par interview. One reason given was the interview process was too long.  Other reasons were bad online workplace reviews and not a good understanding of the day-to-day work culture.

Application Process

The application can make or break the recruiting strategy.  According to an informal Twitter survey conducted by CareerBuilder, more than 75% of respondents preferred a one-click application over a lengthy one. It might be time to make the job application more straightforward, but yet detailed enough so you can get the answers you need from candidates.

Feeling Ghosted

Candidates feel annoyed if they don’t hear from the company after several weeks. In a study conducted by Clutch, 35% of respondents said it was unreasonable for a company to ghost applicants.  Therefore, job seekers might think they have been ghosted and do not want to continue the interview process.

Communication is key to fostering a positive candidate experience. Keeping applicants updated as to their status, even if you’re no longer interested, or if bogged down by the process such as reference checks, can make them feel important.


Employer branding is your company’s reputation among employees and job seekers as a place to work. A strong employer brand can reduce turnover by 28%.  And 75% of job seekers are more likely to apply for a job with a positive company reputation.  39% of women consider the company’s brand as “very important” before deciding to apply, while the same is true for 33% of men.  Candidates on average will read six company reviews before forming an opinion on the business. Your online brand is important.

Company Culture the Game Changer

Employer Branding

The culture at your organization sets expectations for how people behave, work together, and how well they function as a team. Culture can break down the boundaries, guide decision-making, and improve workflow overall.  To build the right workforce for the future and leverage its capabilities, leaders must take a human-centered approach to building their employee experience and employer brand. It starts by demonstrating to employees that you value them by recognizing their contributions.

The Cardinal Culture

Cardinal Staffing Services is not just any staffing company or temp agency, it is a place you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams. The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We treat our customers and candidates with respect, dignity, and appreciation. We know that sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen and to be given a chance.  And when we do, we become their trusted source.  We make positive decisions every day that impacts our valued clients, our candidates, and our communities.

If you are ready for the job that’s truly right for you, Cardinal will find it. We are waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today!


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