That’s So Last Season

That’s So Last Season In business, there are few phrases that should scare you more than “we’ve always done it this way” or  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  To be fair, the people who make this comment, are coming from a good place.  While it sounds logical, these policies and phrases can invite… Read More »

Is Work Life Balance a Myth

Is Work Life Balance a Myth We hear so much about having a work-life balance, but is it a myth? I mean you can say ‘I’m out of the office by X o’clock’ but chances are you are still thinking about work during your evening and what you have to do tomorrow.  What does work-life… Read More »

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You?

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You I’m not talking about a logo’d keychain or coffee mug. I’m talking about how we are on-top of our game in recruiting.  Finding top candidates is what we do, all day, every day!  Is it challenging – well sure!  But it’s our thing. The Right Experience Customer experience… Read More »

What Employers Want to See:

What Employers Want to See: A Guide to Standing Out in the Job Market For job seekers looking for careers, standing out among the competition is crucial. But how do you showcase what makes you unique? Knowing what attributes employers want to see in candidates can help create resumes and cover letters that will get… Read More »

Safety is No Accident

Safety is No Accident Each June, we celebrate National Safety Month. Safety matters every day of the year, but during June it gets the extra attention so we can all stay safe from the workplace to anyplace. An emergency can strike at any time, whether from a fire, natural disaster, release of hazardous material, medical… Read More »

Recruiting Post Pandemic

Recruiting Post Pandemic You don’t have to be a labor analyst or market researcher to know that today’s workplace looks very different than it did at the end of 2019.  We are clearly in a post pandemic world and recruitment teams are still struggling to attract the right candidate. Effective recruiting in the post-pandemic era, then,… Read More »

Commencement to Job Offer

Commencement to Job Offer The class of 2023 is about to enter a very unique job market.  From working in the office, hybrid positions, part time or fully working remotely, the workplace is very different in the post pandemic world.  The National Association of Colleges and Employers expects about a 4% increase in hiring recent grads, compared… Read More »

QR Recruiting

QR Recruiting Searching for top talent has never been easy but with technology advancing faster than the speed of light it makes it difficult staying current. Staying at the top of the hiring game is challenging. Most recruiters are resorting to unique ways for a lasting impact on the candidates.  But if the endgame is… Read More »

National EMS Week

National EMS Week The third week of May is set aside to recognize some heroes among us. It’s National Emergency Medical Services (EMS)Week.  It was first observed in 1974 when President Gerald Ford declared the week to acknowledge the crucial work of this critical link in emergency medical care.  This is the time when the… Read More »

In the Midst of Chaos

In the Midst of Chaos   “In the Midst of Chaos there is opportunity”. This quote by Sun Tzu from ‘The Art of War’ is true in so many ways.  We seem to be surrounded these days with the virtues of “smart” work. How to manage that finite resource we call time. As with many things in… Read More »