It’s a Fair Chance

Fair chance (or second chance) hiring practices reduce some of the roadblocks that make it difficult for candidates with criminal convictions to get hired. The Fair Chance Act gives candidates with a background who are applying to a federal job the same chance at getting the job as candidates without. Trying to build a life… Read More »

Just Who are They

I think we all know someone that has worked on ‘an assignment’ or did ‘project’ or a ‘gig’.  There are tons of people working in different capacities at companies that are not on internal payroll.  And these workers have  many terms, such as; temps, contract, leased, independent contractors or contingent workers. Whatever they are called… Read More »

Style or Personality

If you’re applying for a new position, interviewers might ask about your management style. Even if you’ve never had a leadership role, this question may come up. They don’t just ask about your management style when you apply for a managerial position. People approach tasks and leadership differently so you should expect to be asked… Read More »

Congrats – Now the Transition

Tips for a First time manager

As your career advances, it’s likely that you’ll experience managing people who were formerly your peers and friends. Try to remember that your transition will likely be as uncomfortable for your team as it is for you. This type of transition can be challenging even for the most accomplished and talented folks. It will likely mean… Read More »


Know-Like-Trust-Value-Refer   Everyone wants to be known for providing excellent customer service and it is a key differentiator. We have all heard, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”  Well, I say it is fundamentally incorrect.  I think the truth is, people do business with people they know, like, trust, and VALUE. … Read More »

Worker Classification

Worker Classification There are stories everyday about fines being placed on businesses throughout the country because of worker misclassification. The DOL fines are staggering.  And not only large organizations are being audited but small to medium size companies as well.  Let’s take some of the mystery out of worker classification.  Understanding the nuances of worker… Read More »

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023 Since 1970, people around the world have used Earth Day to raise environmental awareness through events, activism, fundraising and volunteerism.  Growing awareness has influenced a worldwide movement and has led to environmentally friendly legislation, advocacy, and research. Today, Earth Day 2023 is celebrated in countries around the world. The Beginning Earth Day… Read More »

Multicultural Workplace

Multicultural Workplace We are surrounded by cultural diversity in our daily lives. From global product trends, cuisines, and to the clothes we wear. Even our workplaces are culturally diverse. In fact, cultural diversity in the workplace will drive innovation, creative thinking, and offers new perspectives to challenges that arise. The secret’s out, a great company culture and a multicultural workplace… Read More »

Ceteris Paribus – All things Being Equal

Ceteris Paribus – All things Being Equal Ceteris paribus is a Latin phrase that generally means “all other things being equal.” We have all heard the phrase ‘if all things being equal’.  But is it true?  If all things are equal why do we compete or have competitors?  Or if all things are equal does that… Read More »

Internships ROCK

Internships ROCK You’ve had classroom learning all school year and summer is fast approaching. Internships are increasingly popular. Candidates gain experience, find their fit in their desired industry, boost their confidence, build a stronger resume, network, and could even gain a permanent job. All in all, internships ROCK! Mentoring The key to a successful internship… Read More »