A Dream but what is the law

A Dream but what is the law   So, you had a dream.  Then your dream became a vision.  Then you made a plan.  But once you add one worker, you suddenly become an employer.  And now to keep your vision alive you must know employee and employer tax codes, exemptions, labor laws and so… Read More »

The Right Match

The Right Match Lately I have been talking a lot about the importance of hiring the right person for the job, company culture and brand. Recruiting isn’t a one size fits all approach. Recruiters must adapt to overcome challenges for hiring new employees in a job market that is constantly evolving.  But the type of… Read More »

Sigma-fide Recruitment

Sigma-fide Recruitment What is not measured is not managed. The mention of Six Sigma and the first thought that comes to a lot of people’s minds is its application in the manufacturing industry for eliminating wastage in defective products. Six Sigma a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology can also be of use… Read More »

Award Winning Leader since 1994

Staffing agencies are engaged by companies to find candidates to fill open vacancies. Vacancies can be direct placement, temporary, or contract and full-time or part-time engagements. While it’s extremely satisfying to be able to outsource the arduous task of candidate screening, you want to make sure the staffing agency you choose is doing a thorough… Read More »

EQ Leadership Skills

The technical skills that helped secure your first promotion might not guarantee your next. If a leadership role is what you aspire to, there is an emotional element you need to consider. While IQ measures a person’s knowledge and problem-solving skills, EQ focuses on their emotional awareness and their skills. Emotional Understanding When it comes… Read More »

Juneteenth Freedom Day

Juneteenth Freedom Day Juneteenth is known to some in the United States as the second Independence Day.   Celebrated each year, this holiday marks the end of slavery in Texas at the end of the Civil War, three years after President Abraham Lincoln had issued the proclamation. With expanded celebrations across the country after it became a… Read More »

Candidates Employers and Social Media

Candidates Employers & Social Media Recruiting

Candidates Employers and Social Media As a job seeker, social media can be a very powerful method to help you find a job. From networking to researching potential employers, there are a ton of smart ways to use social media in your job search. Social media use in hiring refers to the examination by employers… Read More »

That’s So Last Season

That’s So Last Season In business, there are few phrases that should scare you more than “we’ve always done it this way” or  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  To be fair, the people who make this comment, are coming from a good place.  While it sounds logical, these policies and phrases can invite… Read More »

Is Work Life Balance a Myth

Is Work Life Balance a Myth We hear so much about having a work-life balance, but is it a myth? I mean you can say ‘I’m out of the office by X o’clock’ but chances are you are still thinking about work during your evening and what you have to do tomorrow.  What does work-life… Read More »

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You?

We Got Recruiting Swag – Do You I’m not talking about a logo’d keychain or coffee mug. I’m talking about how we are on-top of our game in recruiting.  Finding top candidates is what we do, all day, every day!  Is it challenging – well sure!  But it’s our thing. The Right Experience Customer experience… Read More »