Creating 2024 Staffing Plans: 3 Important Things to Consider

2024 will be here before you know it, and it’s vital for you to have plans in place to satisfy your staffing needs. But how can you create staffing plans that truly meet your needs? Here are some tips that can help set the stage for a prosperous (and fully staffed!) year ahead.

Analyze Emerging Industry Trends

It’s always important to understand what your competitors are doing and where your industry is going. If you’ll need to invest in a new technology or pivot to meet a soaring demand, you may need to hire new team members who are experts in that specific area. Be careful not to chase fads, but always be aware of what is likely coming around the next corner.

Evaluate Your Organization’s Specific Needs

You can’t plan for everything, but in a lot of cases, you’ll have some advanced warning. Is someone going out on parental leave in a few months? Are there some retirements in the works? Do you need to staff a new office or other facility? Consider where the job openings are likely to be over the course of the year, and make sure you are ready to fill them.

A “staffing plan” may not be just about hiring team members. You might also include the hiring, sourcing, interview and the onboarding process. This discussion might also include technology, online applications, online onboarding, job boards, ATS (applicant tracking systems) integration, social recruiting, payroll, and benefits management.

Assess Your Current Staff

Even if you have a full team, there may be skills gaps or other issues that have been overlooked. Take the time to sit down and carefully assess each department. How do workloads look? Is any team overburdened, or are they likely to become so in the next several months? Are they performing at their best, or are there certain additional skill sets that would be useful? Would it be better to focus on upskilling your current team members, or should you bring in an expert or two to help them out?

Staffing plans can be tricky, because there are so many factors at play. But if you do your best to make predictions based on the information you have, you will be ahead of the game.

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