Not Everyone is Meant For a Typical 9-5

Not everyone is a morning person who thrives on getting to work bright and early. If you do your best work in the afternoon or even late at night, a typical daytime shift probably isn’t right for you. Fortunately, you have options. Let’s take a look at some common alternatives to the 9-5 work schedule.


If you’re at your best in the afternoon and early evening, mid-shift might be for you. Also known as second shift, the work hours generally start between 2 and 4 pm and end between 10 pm and midnight. This shift allows you to sleep late (or take care of personal business in the morning), while also having some fun before bed.

Graveyard Shift

Not everyone can stay awake all night, but if you’re a natural night owl, the graveyard shift could be perfect for you. This shift generally starts between 10 pm and midnight and ends between 6 and 8 am. You’ll have your daytime hours free, though you will need to remember to sleep at some point. As a perk, many companies offer a pay differential for those willing and able to work overnight.

Other Scheduling Options

Some companies offer other scheduling options as well, including flexible shifts or compressed work hours. Occasionally, you’ll even run into a sweetheart deal, such as working two 16-hour shifts on the weekend and getting paid for 40 hours! Always ask your staffing coordinator or recruiter about what alternative scheduling might be available to you. Many temp agencies provide several services and specialties to their clients – office/clerical, IT, accounting and finance, industrial and blue collar, and skilled trades. Your background might fit well with one of these specialties, and there may be more schedule flexibility in those positions.

Contract Work

If you prioritize flexibility over a specific schedule, consider contract work (temporary work aka temp work). You’ll work through a temp agency and work for each client company for a designated period of time, often during the busy season or to cover a leave of absence. You may end up on day shift for some of your contracts, but you’ll have the flexibility of working for many different employers in many different roles. And if you need to take some time off between contracts, you are entirely free to do so.

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