QR Recruiting

QR Recruiting

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Searching for top talent has never been easy but with technology advancing faster than the speed of light it makes it difficult staying current. Staying at the top of the hiring game is challenging. Most recruiters are resorting to unique ways for a lasting impact on the candidates.  But if the endgame is filling open positions, we need to adjust to stay up to date with changing technology.

Tech Savvy

Quick Response (QR) codes are matrix barcode readable optic labels. Hiring with QR codes or just using them in the recruitment process can amplify your applicant volume.  They can quickly disseminate content to job seekers.  QR codes reach job seekers that your company might not have connected with otherwise.  Plus, they make your organization seem  more modern and tech savvy which can help your brand.

Bridging the Gap

QR Codes for recruiting provide a distinctive way to bridge the gap between physical and digital platforms.  According to Appcast’s 2022 report, 61% of candidates use mobile devices while applying for jobs. With a single touch the job seeker’s smartphone can instantly go to the application site and can even schedule an interview time.

Where to Use QR Codes

Not quite sure where to start or how to use them for recruiting?  Below are a few tips.

  • Business Cards – Employees with business cards can add QR codes. Or add it to any recruitment cards your company distributes.
  • Print Media – Flyers for distribution or posting in high-traffic areas motivate job seekers to apply.
  • Signage – Competition is fierce. By including a QR code on your signage can make your company Job seekers might not be able to walk inside but can access your company’s information and apply immediately at their convenience.
  • Workroom posters – Just like print media, workroom flyers are a great way to target overlooked talent.

 Untapped Audiences

If you want your recruiting effort to stay modern with the use of technology, these codes will help. Remember, potential candidates are walking into coffee shops, or getting on the subway, reading the paper, or just walking down the street.  And with the touch of a button, they can immediately be taken to information or a job application, build your talent pool and increase your ROI.

Leadership Role – Finding Jobs Since 1994

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We take great pride in our leadership role within the staffing industry.  That role allows us to better help our candidates and business customers.  Cardinal Staffing Services helps to expand our valued partners’ operations and to aid in building a better quality of life and future for our candidates across all skill sectors


Cardinal Staffing Services – Your Staffing Partner

Whether you are a company looking for employees OR a candidate looking for work we have you covered.  For more details, reach out to your local Cardinal Staffing office to hear more about current offerings or for job postings – we’re here to help!

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