Is Brand Culture a Company Culture

Is Brand Culture a Company Culture

Brand Culture

Every customer experience is a memory. An impression in the mind that can stick for a minute or a lifetime. A positive experience can result in lasting loyalty. But a poor experience can almost instantly mean the end of a relationship.  Brand culture is effectively how a company’s employees live out the values and mission of its organization.

Defining Perceptions

Whether it’s a review on a niche forum or a message on social media, organizations are defined by the perceptions and opinions of their customers.  The term Brand Culture refers to the promises, expectations, and goals which drive each company. It is the ethical compass of the business and the way you organize your priorities, and even how you deliver meaningful experiences to employees and customers.

Company Culture

Every company has a personality and reputation that’s evident to customers, employees, and potential new hires alike. Establishing your company’s culture and demonstrating it clearly and often is crucial for selling your product or service, attracting and retaining qualified workers, and keeping them happy.

Brand Culture

A company’s brand culture develops over time. Your company culture is reflected in every interaction you have.  From how you talk to your team, to how you treat your co-workers and partners, to a new product or service ideas. That said, your culture should ultimately have answers to these four key points.

  • Purpose: Why do you exist?
  • Vision: What future do you want to help create?
  • Mission: How do you create that future?
  • Values: Who are you? How do you work?

These should be your company’s core beliefs. It’s the fuel for your business and it’s what shapes your company culture.  Think about why your company and culture is special.  What makes your company a great place to work. Brand purpose is more than making a profit, it defines a company’s reason for being.

Social Media

Social media also makes it easier for your employees to actively share their thoughts and feelings about your brand. Encouraging your employees to be active on social media in a professional context, will help boost your online brand awareness and promote your brand culture online.

Determining Factor

More than ever company culture is a determining factor for the next generation of workers. Most experts agree “culture” in the branding landscape is the fundamental structure of the company. A good company culture gives workers a happier place to work and a better work-life balance while increasing profits of the organization.

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