Recruiting Post Pandemic

Recruiting Post Pandemic

Recruiting post pandemic

You don’t have to be a labor analyst or market researcher to know that today’s workplace looks very different than it did at the end of 2019.  We are clearly in a post pandemic world and recruitment teams are still struggling to attract the right candidate. Effective recruiting in the post-pandemic era, then, must prioritize the diverse and often complex needs of employees.

Talent Shortage

Recruiting teams face a lot of challenges to fill a position in a short amount of time. The lack of qualified candidates is still the number 1 hiring challenge recruiters are facing. Whether small or big, recruiting teams want to form a meaningful talent pool that would suit them for future positions. 87% of HR professionals reported fewer or no qualified for the positions they were trying to fill.

Be Specific

Make your job listing POP.  Be sure that job descriptions are clear without a lot of jargon. Instead of listing “Sales Rockstar” that isn’t very descriptive, use instead “Regional Sales Manager”.  Job details should be concise and transparent. List everything the candidate needs to know, like daily tasks, management structure, starting pay, benefits, extra perks, etc.  Make sure that your company culture and values are expressed thoroughly so the applicant will know if they are a good fit.

Google is another great way to get the word out about an open job. Use Google’s Job Search Tool to get your job posting in front of candidates before they click through to a website or job board.

Make a Hiring Video

Company culture can be a bit challenging to explain in a few words in a job posting. Company culture videos are a great way to illustrate why your company is worth interviewing with. Try filming employees in various roles doing their daily tasks, asking them questions about the company.  You can even add some humor to the videos, where appropriate.  While this is more involved,  it can really make your company shine.

Work-life Balance

Now more than ever candidates are prioritizing work-life balance.  And they are actively seeking employers who will help them achieve it. So, for the post-pandemic workplace, recruiting teams need to revise their practices to demonstrate that the company understands how the nature of work and employee needs in general have changed.

Having a strong hiring process and good perks, recruiters can overcome the struggle for top talent and the bigger recruitment challenge.

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