National EMS Week

National EMS Week

National EMS Week

The third week of May is set aside to recognize some heroes among us. It’s National Emergency Medical Services (EMS)Week.  It was first observed in 1974 when President Gerald Ford declared the week to acknowledge the crucial work of this critical link in emergency medical care.  This is the time when the country recognizes and honors all the first responders and medical professionals who dedicate their lives to saving ours.

Honoring Heroes

Across the nation, communities and medical professionals will honor the contributions of EMS practitioners. From major cities to rural communities with little or no local health care services, dedicated first responders provide immediate care during a health crisis. Whether there is an accident or an illness they are trained professionals that work around the clock to quickly take care of strangers.

 Critical Assessments

One of the most critical EMS responsibilities is assessing the medical needs of the sick or injured. This must be done quickly and efficiently, especially in serious life or death situations when a minute lost can mean the difference between saving someone or not.

Promote Awareness

National EMS Week is a great time to honor your local EMS professionals and to promote awareness of their everyday service to the public. Here are a few ways that your organization can celebrate EMS Week.


Get involved in existing programs such as Rider Alert, which provides free identification cards that help first responders provide rapid and accurate medical assistance to motorcyclists involved in serious accidents.


Across the United States and overseas, people participate in the CPR Worldwide Challenge, where they plan events to train individuals, organizations, businesses, bystanders, or students in their communities on how to administer CPR. Find more information on the ACEP website. 


Organize a community hemorrhage control program by placing bleeding control kits in public places like near an AED and offering training programs for citizens. Find more information at

EMS practitioners are professionals of the highest caliber.  Please join Cardinal Staffing in honoring the contributions of the many talented individuals who work on the medical front lines. We appreciate each of you for your service and sacrifice!

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