The Candidate Experience

the Candidate Experience

the Candidate Experience

First impressions matter. The Candidate experience is the result of every interaction the job seeker had with your company throughout the recruitment process, including attracting, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

Defining Questions

We all know what it’s like to get pressing questions about the candidate experience from the officers of the company. Do we engage enough with our candidates? What are the top 3 things we need to improve in our recruiting process? How likely are candidates to apply to our jobs or to refer our company?  Do you know how your company would fair if your candidates are asked these questions?

Successful recruiting is extremely difficult these days without the help of technology. Job seekers today understand that this is the reality.  In fact, 82% of job seekers think the ideal recruiting interaction is a mix between technology and personal human interaction.

Artificial Intelligence

AI innovations can leverage the candidate experience.  It can also automate the resume screening, provide continuous real-time communication through a chatbot, and rediscovers the past candidates that would be qualified for current open positions.

Competitive Advantage

Forward thinking companies understand that a good candidate experience, beginning with the onboarding process, is a competitive advantage to attract and hire quality employees. These companies are leveraging AI-enabled recruiting technology to automate processes that decreases their time to screen, provide immediate communication, and offer continued engagement with relevant job opportunities, to candidates who were passed over.


Everything you do impacts your candidate’s perception and their decision to keep engaging with your company’s team or not. Companies who get this right will attract top talent with the potential to become their best customers, advocates, and employees by investing in the right processes and tools to make a memorable and rewarding candidate experience.


The challenges of improving the candidate experience include a lack of awareness of its impact.  As well as the high recruiter workloads. But the benefits of positive candidate experiences are attracting and converting more qualified candidates, while improving your employer brand and profitability.  And who doesn’t like that?

Leadership Role – Finding Jobs Since 1994

We take great pride in our leadership role within the staffing industry.  That role allows us to better help our candidates and business customers.  Cardinal Staffing Services helps to expand our valued partners’ operations and to aid in building a better quality of life and future for our candidates across all skill sectors.

Cardinal Staffing Services – Your Staffing Partner

Whether you are a company looking for employees OR a candidate looking for work we have you covered.  For more details, reach out to your local Cardinal Staffing office to hear more about current offerings or for job postings – we’re here to help!


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