Commencement to Job Offer

Commencement to Job Offer

Commencement to Job

The class of 2023 is about to enter a very unique job market.  From working in the office, hybrid positions, part time or fully working remotely, the workplace is very different in the post pandemic world.  The National Association of Colleges and Employers expects about a 4% increase in hiring recent grads, compared to 15% projected in the fall.

Be Patient

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, and it can be scary if you’re buried in student loans. New Grads need a well-paying job, like yesterday, and ideally, in the field that they have been studying and preparing for these last several years. It can take an average three to six months for college graduates to get that first position after graduation.

Build a Great Resume

Consider internships to help build experience in your field. These positions don’t always offer paycheck, but the right one can look attractive on a resume.  Also volunteering in your desired field looks great on a resume. The person interviewing you for your dream job will be interested in the experience and soft skills you gained over how much money you were paid. Make sure you practice your interviewing techniques and watch out for things to avoid during the interview.

Expand Your Job Search

Try to send out between 10 and 15 resumes or applications weekly. Take advantage of the job search resources offered by your college. Review business trade publications, use your contacts through school, your parents, relatives, as well as friends. Search for and attend job fairs in your area. Check on-line job boards daily. These sites are constantly updated with new listings that can be filled quickly.

Follow up and Thank You

Above all, don’t forget to follow up each time you send your resume out or fill out an application. It’s okay to reach out and inquire about the status of the position and your application if you haven’t heard anything in two to three days. It’s also okay to send out multiple applications and resumes daily, as long as you keep good records, so you know what you sent to whom.

Know your worth

Do your research and go in armed with the knowledge of what you are worth.  Don’t bring up salary negotiations until after you have received a formal offer.  However, if they ask you for a salary amount give them a range based on your research.

Finding a great job takes time no matter what ‘career’ stage you are in so be patient. Keep going, don’t give up and welcome graduates to the real world!

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