Brand or Culture?

Brand or Culture?

Brand and Culture

What is more important?  A Brand or company Culture? Can one be without the other in an organization?  The brand is how a company’s behavior is perceived by their customers and the outside world.  On the other hand the culture  is how employee behavior is connected with the company and customer experience.

In the absence of people – there is no brand.


A brand is projecting that it is cutting edge.  It’s also important that the culture is also reflects the latest thinking.  Therefore, a good employer brand can help you stand out and provide compelling reasons to join your company.  But, if your brand and culture are mismatched you can end up with happy, productive employees who produce the wrong results.


To clarify, companies should create a culture where employees are a live representation of their brand.  Most importantly to appreciate that the two identities cannot exist independently.  As a result, organizations that do that are the companies that thrive.  A great culture is where employees feel motivated to consistently deliver.  Moreover, how the work is completed internally influences the external experience.  And how employees are treated is mirrored in how they treat customers.

Linking Brand and Culture

The link between brand and culture is reflected best through the purpose and values of the company. Companies can bridge these two together by consistently involving employees in areas of business.  That includes HR conversations, talent management and learning interventions.

Company culture is very important to get right.  But the brand is right there at the top of the list as well. In fact, brand and culture are completely linked.  Each should enhance the other.

The Cardinal Culture

Cardinal Staffing Services is not just any staffing company, it is a place you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams. The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We treat our customers and candidates with respect, dignity, and appreciation. We know that sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen to and to be given a chance.  And when we do that, we become their trusted source.  We make positive decisions every day that impacts our valued clients, our candidates, and our communities.

Cardinal Staffing – Since 1994

Cardinal Staffing provides automotive, industrial, skilled trades, administrative, and professional candidates with career opportunities at top employers. If you are ready for the job that’s truly right for you, Cardinal will find it. We are waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today!

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