Women’s History Month 2022 Rosie The Riveter       Women in our Workforce. It’s nothing new to see women these days in the manufacturing workforce, however just when and how did it begin?  I would like to highlight how during World War II, while most of the male workforce was out saving our liberty… Read More »


March 8, 2022 International Women’s Day Let’s remember international women today.  Madame Curie and her research alongside and then after her husband’s death to find the Polio Vaccine. No one will forget Mother Teresa and all of her out-pouring of love and selfless acts of kindness. Princess Diana will always be remembered.  But did you… Read More »


What should it mean? WHO TO SPOTLIGHT FIRST? Each year since 1980 March is set aside as Women’s History Month.  But where do I begin?  What woman should I present to you as someone to be remembered?  Should it be the many, many suffragettes who marched, suffered, and stood together until women had the right… Read More »

Recruiting Post Pandemic

It’s Quittin’ Time In America April 2021 was the first month to raise eyebrows as a record number of workers quit and anecdotal stories began cropping up that businesses were having trouble filling open roles. It was unclear at the time if it was just a blip in America’s economic recovery. But then workers kept on quitting.… Read More »

New Year? New Job! 5 Tips to Get Ready!

job hunting advice and tips

Job hunting season is now – 5 tips to get ready New year, new job? With the holidays over, January and February are great months to get a positive mindset and start looking for a new job. As the new year will allow you to look at the job search with fresh eyes and new… Read More »

American Heart Month

American Heart Month February is American Heart Month,  the country unites around a common mission: to bring awareness of the risks of heart disease and stroke with the goal of reducing the number of lives lost to its related illnesses.  While heart disease is still the number one cause of death in men and women, it… Read More »

Voted one of 2022 Top Places to Work

2022 Cardinal Services, Inc. was established in 1994 as a woman owned company in Port Clinton, Ohio and have continued to grow in Northwest Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia and Florida and is strategically located where the marketplace has demanded our Human Resource management expertise. We take great pride in our leadership role within the staffing… Read More »

Toledo-area companies are dealing with the labor shortage

Cardinal Staffing.com for Skilled Trade workers Cardinal Staffing Services was interviewed by the Toledo Blade recently who spoke with several companies recognized in its 2022 Top Workplaces competition to learn more about their recruiting and retention challenges, and how they are handling them. “ There’s a lot of people recruiting, there’s a lot of people… Read More »

Black History Month

DID YOU KNOW? February Is Black History Month Ohio served as the northern “trunk line” of the Underground Railroad, a system of secret routes used by free people in the North & South to help slaves escape to freedom. Escape routes developed throughout Ohio with safe houses where slaves could be concealed during the day.… Read More »

The New Normal: Finding Work During a Pandemic

Welcome to June 2020! If you’re just tuning in, there are a few things that might look different as compared to last year. Many restaurants are closed except for take-out orders. Most golf courses are closed. Music festivals have been cancelled or postponed. And for whatever reason, toilet paper is a new form of currency.… Read More »