With a Little Help from your Friends

The Beatles weren’t recruiting for an agency in Liverpool when they wrote that song. But they did remind us that our friends can help in many ways – including your job search! You can help your friends, they can help you, and sometimes you can both be rewarded.

When someone refers you to an employer

Do you have someone in your life with a lot of connections? Utilize them! If it’s someone you know from a previous position, they’ll have knowledge of your previous work skills and expertise. That connection can share your experience with a potential employer. If your referral is a personal connection, that can also be a plus; they know your character and personality. Again, that friend will relay that inside info to potential employers.

You should always keep in mind that your friend’s reputation is on the line. If your friend takes the time to set up an interview or refer you to a colleague, make sure you step up to the plate. Show up, stand out, and make your friend proud!

When you refer a friend to an employer

Just as you would for your friend, your referral should act as an extension of yourself. Before you refer a friend, consider their work history, not just your relationship. Are they a ‘job hopper?’ Have they excelled in previous positions? Is their education applicable for a specific position? Keep these points in mind before moving forward.


As much as you want to help your friend or relative get a ‘leg up,’ make sure you consider the position itself. If you think they’re a good candidate, then you should vouch for them! However, if you refer an unreliable person, that could reflect poorly on you, too. Consider all of these factors before making a referral. As a good friend, you want them to succeed!

Incentives and rewards

Many employers, including Cardinal Staffing, offer plenty of opportunities for referral bonuses and rewards. For example, our company offers monetary bonuses and gift card drawings for referring friends and family members. Not only can you earn a bonus, but your managers and supervisors will take notice. If you’re bringing in great candidates, others may turn to you for recruiting or employee retention advice.

Referrals will help you, your friends, and your colleagues. Your connections can work as stepping stones as you further your career. When you surround yourself with a talented network, more choices are available to you. A referral can lead to a new job, a promotion, and other exciting opportunities!

By: Bailey Feldman

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