Positively Positive

Do you have that one friend who is never gloomy? I mean, truly, always happy? Ever wonder how they do that? Funny, same here!


Though you can’t perform a full analysis on your peppy pal, you can follow their lead; especially in the workplace. Throughout your day, stressors and curveballs may come your way. Staying upbeat is sometimes a challenge at work, so here’s a handy list of ways to keep your spirits up!


Arrive early

The old adage, ‘the early bird gets the worm’ still rings true. It might be a strange analogy, but it makes sense! If you get to work early, you can set the tone for your day. You can make a plan. You can speak to co-workers or supervisors regarding current projects. And most importantly…you can enjoy your coffee. And what is coffee, if not happiness in a cup?


Stay sunny

Sunshine is hard to come by if you work in a warehouse or in an office. Quick fix: step outside! Take a break or eat lunch outside for an extra dose of Vitamin D. It’s amazing how the outdoors and a blue sky can (literally) brighten your day. No time to go out? If you hold an office position, consider using light therapy boxes or ‘happy lights’ at your desk as an alternative.


Leave the drama at the door

When you step onto a job site, walk into the office, or start your shift, your main purpose is to get your work done. This means that you should stay focused on the task at hand. Gossip and personal drama should not carry over into your work life. If there are issues that arise between you and another employee, this could make for a hostile work environment. In these cases, it’s best to be up front with your supervisors regarding any issues. Overall, it’s best to keep away from drama and stay present in order to meet your goals and keep a level head.


Knowledge is power

Are you having trouble following a specific procedure? Have changes been made to documents that you don’t understand? Extra training might be the answer to your problems. First, reach out to your supervisors. In most cases, they can help you or suggest another co-worker to shadow. In other cases, there might be online certifications or in-person workshops you can attend. If you’re fully equipped to do your job, you’ll be more productive and happier at work!


In any industry, there are factors that might throw us for a loop during our workdays. Your role at work might change or expectations might move in a different direction. It’s up to you to manage these new challenges. Always remember that positivity at work can relieve stress and make us better employees.


by Bailey Feldman

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