2022 Top Places to Work

And The Winner Is…. Finding a top place to work Earning a living is a crucial part of life. It’s like saying what came first the chicken or the egg.  We must work to make money to live, to put food on the table, to pay the electric bill, etc.  If this is a fact… Read More »

Our Captain, Our Leader, Our Mentor

See It, Be It, Inspire It As Women’s History Month 2022 winds down I would be remiss if I didn’t shine the spotlight on Joni Fought, owner of Cardinal Services.  Joni is our captain, our leader and mentor.(https://www.toledoblade.com/gallery/On-The-Town-Toledo-struts-talent-style 1980s & Women in the Workplace The early 1980s  was a very different working and social environment.… Read More »

Women Conductors & The Ohio Underground Railrod

Continuing Women’s History Month I would like to focus on the brave women and men that housed, sheltered, protected, fed, clothed, and transported slaves to their freedom.  Just imagine the courage it took in the early 1820s when Catherine Coffin became a conductor and the heart of the Underground Railroad line in Newport, Indiana.  Although… Read More »

Going for the Goal

Continuing Women’s History Month There is always a first: first word, first step, first job.  As Women’s History Month continues, I wanted to bring our attention back to a few firsts for women.  As a society, we have come a long way, but the journey is not finished.  We can only reach for the stars… Read More »

The Luck of the Irish

The Story Behind the Term: The Luck of the Irish  Now, if you’ve come here looking for tales of leprechauns and pots of gold, you’re going to be very disappointed, I’m afraid. The Irish mythological creatures known as Leprechauns, couldn’t be further from the story behind the phrase. The term ‘the Luck of the Irish’ is… Read More »

Faces of Cardinal – Classic & Timeless

Faces of Cardinal Staffing Everyone knows all good things come in threes and today, I would like to introduce you to just one of the Three Faces of Cardinal Staffing Services. Rhonda Clemons, Senior Vice President of Sales rclemons@cardinalstaffing.com, has been with Cardinal Staffing Services 19 of her 34 years in the staffing industry.  During… Read More »

Women Breaking Through

Workplace, Wage and Women Though women have increased their presence in higher-paying jobs traditionally dominated by men, such as professional and managerial positions, women continue to be overrepresented in lower-paying occupations relative to their share of the workforce.  Today 1 in 4 employed women say they earn less than a man who is doing the… Read More »


Women’s History Month 2022 Rosie The Riveter       Women in our Workforce. It’s nothing new to see women these days in the manufacturing workforce, however just when and how did it begin?  I would like to highlight how during World War II, while most of the male workforce was out saving our liberty… Read More »


March 8, 2022 International Women’s Day Let’s remember international women today.  Madame Curie and her research alongside and then after her husband’s death to find the Polio Vaccine. No one will forget Mother Teresa and all of her out-pouring of love and selfless acts of kindness. Princess Diana will always be remembered.  But did you… Read More »


What should it mean? WHO TO SPOTLIGHT FIRST? Each year since 1980 March is set aside as Women’s History Month.  But where do I begin?  What woman should I present to you as someone to be remembered?  Should it be the many, many suffragettes who marched, suffered, and stood together until women had the right… Read More »