The New Normal: Finding Work During a Pandemic

Welcome to June 2020! If you’re just tuning in, there are a few things that might look different as compared to last year. Many restaurants are closed except for take-out orders. Most golf courses are closed. Music festivals have been cancelled or postponed. And for whatever reason, toilet paper is a new form of currency.


If you’re a job hunter in this uncertain climate, there’s one thing you need to know: you’re not alone. COVID-19 has left many Americans wondering what their careers will look like for the next year and beyond.

At the same time, many businesses across the country are offering new, out-of-the ordinary opportunities. There are still options for candidates seeking new positions. We’ve compiled a few different jobs that are in high-demand during this time.


Sanitation and Janitorial Services

One of the most essential jobs during this uncertain time is that of sanitation and janitorial staff. With new regulations in place, businesses need to keep their restaurants, warehouses, and office buildings clean and safe for its employees and customers. Whether you work with a commercial cleaning company or within a growing maintenance department, janitorial jobs will maintain their essential status.


Food Service

Though many restaurant dining rooms might be closed, their kitchens are still open. Restaurants are still offering take-out and delivery options. In some cases, they’re also offering outdoor dining instead of their usual indoor set-up. People still need to eat! Food service jobs will always be available, but with more people working from home, they’re turning to delivery options. And with summer event cancellations, people are excited to simply leave the house and enjoy a meal on a beautiful patio or downtown sidewalk.


Customer Service Representatives

Always a necessary part of any business, customer service reps (CSRs) are keeping all of us connected during this time. While most businesses are closed, customers still have questions and concerns. The great thing about these positions is that CSRs have the ability to work from home! You can follow quarantine recommendations while still earning a paycheck.


Telecommuting Support

With so many remote office settings popping up, tech support representatives have become essential. While many Americans are working from home, teleconferencing software and other platforms are being overloaded with user activity. Tech support reps are needed to offer assistance and maintain high levels of performance in order to keep the work day moving.


Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacies are pulling out all the stops to build a larger workforce. During this current health crisis, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are definitely needed. In addition, pharmacies are hiring new sales associates and stock clerks to keep up with consumer needs.


Grocery Stores

Health crisis or not, food and general household items are essential for everyone. That’s why grocery stores are also making a huge push to hire and retain more employees. For these individuals, there are now more safeguards in place to protect workers during the current climate.


Personal Shoppers & Delivery Services

On the flip side of visiting grocery stores during this time, some consumers are opting for delivery services instead of leaving the house. There are thousands (yes, thousands!) of openings for grocery shoppers right now. Under the category of ‘gig jobs,’ this is also an option for those looking for part-time work while on a temporary layoff.



As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And in the case of distilleries, the genius idea to produce hand sanitizer is quite a game-changer during a pandemic. To keep up with demand for hand sanitizers, some distilleries and breweries have shifted gears to serve the public and offer this essential product.


How staffing agencies can help

Some staffing agencies are categorized as essential businesses during this time due to the industries they serve and are still hiring new employees! For more details, reach out to an agency representative today for info regarding temp-to-hire or temporary work opportunities. You can contact your local Cardinal Staffing office to hear more about current offerings or visit for job postings  – we’re here to help!


By: Bailey Feldman


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