Feeling The Summer Slump? Boost Your Work Motivation with These Strategies

During the summer months it can be hard to stay focused on work. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to beat the slump. Try these strategies to boost your motivation and stay upbeat through the long, hot days.

Set a Goal

One of the easiest ways to quickly increase your motivation is to set a short-term goal. What can you do this summer to move ahead in your career? You might earn a certification, participate in job shadowing, or simply challenge yourself to be on time every day for the next month.

Make It Fun

Talk to your boss about ways to have a bit of fun with your work. Is it okay to listen to music or set a few pictures of your family around your workstation? Could you organize an in-house competition to see which team can perform a specific process more quickly without losing accuracy? Perhaps you could even talk the boss into scheduling some sort of offsite team bonding activity to boost everyone’s motivation this summer.

Take a Break

One of the biggest advantages of the long summer days is that it stays light out for a long time. After work (or before work, if you’re on the night shift), pack up your kids and your dog and go for a hike. Or invite the neighbors to a backyard cookout. If you have some PTO, consider a quick summer vacation—or simply leave on Friday afternoon for a nearby resort town and head home on Sunday evening. The more you take advantage of your off-work hours, the more you will have to look forward to each workday. And that can make the time pass quickly.

Of course, it’s important to stay on top of your work. But with so much fun in the sun beckoning, now is not the time to overload on new projects. Finding balance will help you get through the summer with a far more positive outlook and increased motivation.

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