Understaffed? Here’s an Effective Action Plan

It’s important to learn to power through the tough times, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find ways to alleviate the situation. Understaffing can tank morale and even lead to burnout, so you’ll need to address it as soon as possible. If you’re currently struggling with not having enough employees, try these tips.

Assess Your Needs

The first step is to figure out your current staffing situation. Maybe you’re down four employees, but only one has a critical role. Perhaps you’re facing an unexpected temporary surge in demand. Dig through your data, but also talk to your existing staff members. Find out where help is needed most.

Make and Prioritize a New Hiring Plan

When you understand what your needs are, sit down and develop a new hiring plan. Be sure to prioritize your most critical roles and create a detailed roadmap for hiring. You may need to rework your recruiting strategies in order to attract the candidates you need most.

Get Some Help

Working with a staffing agency can be a great way to quickly deal with understaffing issues. We offer three main solutions to help with all your staffing challenges.

  • Temporary workers. This can be an excellent option if you need some help immediately. Whether you’re facing increased demand or trying to cover parental leave, we can send fully qualified temps within just a couple of days.
  • Temp-to-hire. If you’re not sure whether you need someone full-time, consider temp-to-hire. We’ll send you a temporary worker with the option of transitioning to full-time at the end of the contract. It’s a great choice for those times when you’re testing a new market or considering whether you need to bring someone on who has specialized skills.
  • Direct hire. If you know you need full-time talent, let us handle the recruiting process for you. We’ll send you a short list of highly qualified, vetted candidates from which to choose. And we can even help you with onboarding your new team member.

Looking for new talent?

For nearly 30 years, Cardinal Staffing has been matching companies with candidates across Ohio and Michigan. We specialize in light industrial, administrative, and professional roles and know where to find the local talent you need. Learn more about the services we offer or request an employee today!