Four Career Based New Year’s Resolutions to Adopt this Year

As the new year begins, it’s the perfect time to set impactful resolutions for your career. Yet many New Year’s resolutions fail because they aren’t specific or realistic. Here are four career-based resolutions that can actually stick.

Make Time to Attend Local Networking Events and Job Fairs

Networking is an incredibly powerful tool for building your career. And the right job fair could lead directly to the position of your dreams. But it’s all too easy to find excuses not to attend. In 2024, block out time for these events on your calendar. If it’s already scheduled, you’re far more likely to actually get there.

Keep Your Online Profiles Professional and Up-to-date

If you use the same social media profiles for your personal and professional lives, now is the time to go through them and make sure they’re professional. Delete any photos of you drinking/ partying, or hanging out in your pajamas with your cat. Make New Year’s resolutions to tone down your rants and stop posting about politics and religion (or move them to personal friends-only pages). Every three months, revisit your professional profiles to make sure they’re updated with your latest skills and experience.

Ask for Internal Mentorships

You can learn a lot from your boss or a senior employee at your current company, even if you don’t plan to stay there forever. Maintain a good relationship with your boss or manager. Find someone you trust and also have a good existing rapport with. Ask that person if they would mind meeting with you occasionally to help you learn more about your industry and how to become a good leader. Having a mentor in your corner can open all sorts of doors in your career.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for New Opportunities

Even if you’re not actively in the market for a new position, you never know when your dream job might come along. Find job boards that match your industry and skillset, and peruse them at least once a week. Keep up with your network. Maintain an open mind, and never be afraid to jump at an opportunity when it presents itself. You don’t want your career to stall.

Ready for your next role?

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