A Mentor OR Manager

Manager or Mentor

A Mentor OR Manager

Manager or Mentor

You might think that all managers are also mentors. Not every manager is the best choice to be a mentor, and not all mentors should be a manager. A mentor and manager might seem interchangeable, but they are not always the same person. And knowing the difference between these titles will help to guide you in the right direction.

Basic Difference

Basically, mentors are personally focused, and managers are work-focused. Both mentors and managers can assist with obstacles or questions relating to your work. They can also empathize and aid in overcoming personal challenges. However, a manager/employee relationship is outlined by company policy and is responsible for your work performance. Ideally, every manager should mentor people on their team. Managers should be good role models and trusted advisors but they may not necessarily be your mentor. Both, however, have the goal of developing their employees and advancing employee retention.


Managers, conduct business by directing a team. They delegate work, training, scheduling, and other operational-based tasks and will give you a direct answer to fix the problem to save a deadline. Company management focuses on progress. For instance, working on a project requires specific updates on completion. They are more likely to celebrate group objectives than individual milestone.


Mentors celebrate and Managers develop. They might provide a personal anecdote and various options for how to solve the problem. Being mentored is a mutually beneficial relationship with the purpose of developing a specific skill rather than achieving a task. A mentor will recognize small and large achievements. They will push you to be confident in your own abilities.


Every leader, manager, and supervisor wear multiple hats and one of them is that of a mentor. Whether you take a formal or informal approach to mentoring those you lead, there are “must-have tools” that you must possess, and polish, including developing your “emotional IQ“, to succeed as a manager who is also a mentor.

Look to the Future

To build the right workforce for the future, organizations need managers and leaders to take a human-centered approach to building a positive employee experience and employer brand. It starts by demonstrating to employees that you value them and recognizing their contributions.

The Cardinal Culture

Cardinal Staffing Services is not just any staffing company, it is a place you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams.

The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We treat our customers and candidates with respect, dignity, and appreciation. We know that sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen and to be given a chance.  And when we do, we become their trusted source.  We make positive decisions every day that impacts our valued clients, our candidates, and our communities. If you are ready for the job that’s truly right for you, Cardinal will find it. We are waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today!

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