A Mentor OR Manager

A Mentor OR Manager You might think that all managers are also mentors. Not every manager is the best choice to be a mentor, and not all mentors should be a manager. A mentor and manager might seem interchangeable, but they are not always the same person. And knowing the difference between these titles will… Read More »

Spotlight Series

Susan Smith, Sales Manager, Tallahassee 3375 Capital Circle NE, Bldg. H, Suite 3, Tallahassee, FL 32308 Office: 850-513-3000 Spotlight Series Welcome to our Spotlight Series.  During this spotlight series  I will be introducing you to our Cardinal Staffing Dream Team.  Just a bit over 4 years ago Susan Smith joined our Florida team as Sales… Read More »

Mentors: where to find them and why they’re important

When you’re in school, you might call them teachers. When you’re at work, you might call them your boss. However, mentors don’t necessarily have to control your GPA or your workload. Your mentor could be another colleague, your plant manager, or even a LinkedIn connection.… Read More »