Candidates, Culture, and Branding

Employer Branding

Candidates, Culture and Branding Pre-pandemic organizations interviewed potential new employees with the expectation that the candidate was there because they needed or wanted the job.  Companies believed the candidate would accept an offer no matter how mundane, or paint-by-number an interview was.  But things are changing. A Changing Work World The world of work is… Read More »

AI For Better DEI

AI for better DEI

AI For Better DEI   Diversity and inclusivity start at the core of any business with its people. Building a diverse workforce means everyone is represented and is offered the same opportunities, without biases to influence their career paths. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making it easier for companies to build a more diverse… Read More »

The GenZ Criteria

The GenZ Criteria GenZ’ers are the new workforce.  Before we can reach them we must better understand them.  What is most important to them before they commit to joining a company? How can we engage in meaningful discussions with this tech savvy workforce.  What IS the GenZ Criteria?   Social Media According to a new… Read More »

Recruiting Post Pandemic

Recruiting Post Pandemic You don’t have to be a labor analyst or market researcher to know that today’s workplace looks very different than it did at the end of 2019.  We are clearly in a post pandemic world and recruitment teams are still struggling to attract the right candidate. Effective recruiting in the post-pandemic era, then,… Read More »

It’s a Fair Chance

Fair chance (or second chance) hiring practices reduce some of the roadblocks that make it difficult for candidates with criminal convictions to get hired. The Fair Chance Act gives candidates with a background who are applying to a federal job the same chance at getting the job as candidates without. Trying to build a life… Read More »

Multicultural Workplace

Multicultural Workplace We are surrounded by cultural diversity in our daily lives. From global product trends, cuisines, and to the clothes we wear. Even our workplaces are culturally diverse. In fact, cultural diversity in the workplace will drive innovation, creative thinking, and offers new perspectives to challenges that arise. The secret’s out, a great company culture and a multicultural workplace… Read More »

Ceteris Paribus – All things Being Equal

Ceteris Paribus – All things Being Equal Ceteris paribus is a Latin phrase that generally means “all other things being equal.” We have all heard the phrase ‘if all things being equal’.  But is it true?  If all things are equal why do we compete or have competitors?  Or if all things are equal does that… Read More »

New Fundamentals of today’s Workplace

New Fundamentals of today’s Workplace The new fundamentals of today’s workplace isn’t a specific place, and many workers aren’t traditional employees. Those companies who partner with workers and try different methods with what’s possible, will create sustainable work models and have elevated outcomes. As well as making work better for employees and employees happier at… Read More »