New Year and Infinite Possibilities

New Year and Infinite Possibilities With this new year and infinite possibilities, be sure to do your research. According to the Chinese calendar it will soon be the Year of the Rabbit. But it might as well be the year of the new job.  A whopping 96% of workers are looking for a new position… Read More »

Reframe Your Job Search

Reframe your job search Businesses continue to evolve in a post-pandemic world.  Those seeking new positions should anticipate changes as the job market equalizes. Now is a good time to reframe your job search and get prepared for the next level of recruitment.   Great Regret? For many workers, better salaries, flexibility, and benefits drew… Read More »

New Year New Resume New Job

New Year New Resume New Job A new year is upon us. You have just refreshed your resume and uploaded it onto reputable job boards. The next step is to find that new “dream job”.  Finding that new dream job is a breeze… said no one, ever. Finding that perfect job is stressful, but that… Read More »

With a Little Help from your Friends

The Beatles weren’t recruiting for an agency in Liverpool when they wrote that song. But they did remind us that our friends can help in many ways – including your job search! You can help your friends, they can help you, and sometimes you can both be rewarded.… Read More »

Social media: Is it helping or hurting your job search?

Job hunting can be a tricky task. From researching an employer to getting the interview, there are a number of steps to take. It may get confusing or exhausting at times, but one thing you can always control is your online presence.… Read More »