The GenZ Criteria

The GenZ Criteria


GenZ’ers are the new workforce.  Before we can reach them we must better understand them.  What is most important to them before they commit to joining a company? How can we engage in meaningful discussions with this tech savvy workforce.  What IS the GenZ Criteria?


Social Media

According to a new survey released from Paychex, Inc., the GenZ workforce has surpassed the Baby Boomers and are the only part of the labor market that is showing growth. Social media is embedded into the fabric of their lives. A 2022 survey by Morning Consult found that 54% of GenZ’ers said they spend at least four hours daily on social media. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat are their most used social platforms.

Disrupting The Workplace

In a recent Forbes article, Mark Beal from Rutgers University stated, “Gen Z will transform and disrupt the workplace more than any generation. Gen Z will inspire leaders to focus on mental health, including offering mental health days as an employee benefit.”  Statistics show that GenZ’ers will comprise 30% of our workforce by 2025.

Diversity & Social Justice

Advocating for social justice and cultural diversity is paramount to GenZ’ers.  GenZ’ers grew up in a far more diverse world than their predecessors. For them, a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ in the workplace; but a necessity, and something that they will actively work to achieve on the job. The workforce will become progressively more diverse over the next decade as older Boomers (like me) retire and are replaced by Generation Z.  And as a result, we will see a more robust focus on diversity, equity and inclusion as companies look to attract and retain top Gen Z talent.

Raised in the digital information age and with social issues front and center, this generation has a well-developed sense if a company is being authentic.  The companies that will attract Gen Z understand how to match their ethics to their mission and culture and live their values in a way that is sustainable and true to their company brand.

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