AI For Better DEI

AI for better DEI

AI For Better DEI

AI for better DEI


Diversity and inclusivity start at the core of any business with its people. Building a diverse workforce means everyone is represented and is offered the same opportunities, without biases to influence their career paths.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making it easier for companies to build a more diverse workforce.  To offer equal opportunities and reduce biases (conscious or unconscious) from the decision-making process. AI is for better DEI!

Culture Matters

The pay-off of having an inclusive culture is significant. Organizations with inclusive cultures are, on average, three times  higher-performing compared to less inclusive competitors. As well as six times more innovative, and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes. Bottom line? Multicultural companies outperform their competitors.

Important Influence

DEI must remain at the forefront of decision making to ensure that all workers are given a fair chance of placement.   64% of candidates’ state that an employer’s DEI commitment influences their decision to work with them.

Conscious or Unconscious

A business case for better DEI is clear. Businesses that are looking to utilize AI and ChatGPT to improve DEI must remember that technology can also reflect biases of the humans who leverage it. AI will contribute to the success of DEI programs by highlighting areas for improvement and by developing more inclusive practices.

A Clear Picture

Creating a diverse and equitable workforce is a complex undertaking.  AI will help to point out potential biases during the hiring process, such as job description creation, candidate screening and interviewing processes.  Company leaders can also leverage AI to proactively research whether biases exist in different parts of the business as well.

Benefits and Pay Transparency

AI can evaluate benefits and pay transparency.  As well as salary calculations that can prevent pay differences between workers based on sex, race, age, and other variables that could contribute to wage discrimination.  Employee information can be analyzed to examine equal pay, retention, and rewards.  Artificial Intelligence can enhance employee interactions and cooperation, which enhances employee responsibility and transparency, while also assisting in fair and impartial performance evaluations.

It would be wrong to use AI as the only tool to combat inequities. To be successful, combine AI with a strong DE&I commitment across all areas of the organization.  Furthermore, AI should only be used to compliment a human staffing team’s effort, not to replace them.

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