It’s a Fair Chance

Fair Chance

Fair chance (or second chance) hiring practices reduce some of the roadblocks that make it difficult for candidates with criminal convictions to get hired. The Fair Chance Act gives candidates with a background who are applying to a federal job the same chance at getting the job as candidates without. Trying to build a life outside of incarceration can feel impossible if they’re shut out of the workforce before they can even try to re-establish themselves.

Facing a Stigma

Today, there are an estimated 70 million Americans  that have some type of criminal record, ranging from arrests to felony convictions. Whether convicted or not, these individuals often face a stigma when trying to find a job or re-enter the workforce after serving a jail or prison sentence. In fact, just having a criminal record can reduce an employer call-back rate by 50%.

Ban the Box

Many states and cities have implemented the ‘ban the box’ laws that require employers to remove questions about arrest and conviction records from job applications.  These requirements also restrict the employer from asking about criminal backgrounds until later in the hiring process. The federal government has also banned these questions for employment by federal agencies and contractors.

Determine if your company is ready

In general, more and more people are looking to work for employers with a true definition of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) when evaluating job offers. Utilizing an untapped talent pool can help recruiters find the workers they need while simultaneously advancing DEI. Because, despite mass layoffs making headlines, a talent shortage still remains.

Thinking of Instituting Second Chance Hiring Program

Hiring an individual with experiences that you are unfamiliar with may seem a bit overwhelming. For employers, research shows that second chance employees can be engaged, loyal and profitable. The Second Chance Business Coalition found that 85% of HR and 81% of business leaders say that individuals with criminal records perform the same as or better than employees without criminal records.

Turn to Experts for Help

A handful of organizations have created programs to help those interested in creating a second chance hiring program.  The Manufacturing Institute, the education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, for example, operates a program it calls Office Hours to answer questions from employers who may be considering second chance hiring. It offers 15-minute individual sessions and one-hour group sessions every quarter. You can register on the organization’s website.

Fair chance hiring is not only altruistic, but it also taps into a massive source of talent that many businesses can benefit from.

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