People Ops vs Human Resources

HR vs People Operations

People Ops vs Human Resources The differences between HR and People Operations are subtle.  It’s one of those things where you know it when you see it, but it can be tricky to define. The idea of people operations as a formalized department is a newer concept, just within the last decade. Based on titles… Read More »

Stay Interview Equals Employee Retention

Stay Interview

Stay Interviews Equal Employee Retention When you think of interviews, you probably think of job interviews.  But interviewing your current employees could also be a beneficial practice for your company. Stay interviews  give you powerful information that help improve the employee experience and help you hold onto your top performers. Make it Conversational Stay interviews… Read More »

Hearing is not Listening

Hearing is not Listening You’re a recruiter and your success hinges on your ability to attract and retain top talent.  Sourcing and hiring people are what you do, it’s your job.  You fine tune the job description, place it on the proper channels and wait for the respondents to poor in.  Then the inevitable sorting… Read More »

What Employers Want to See:

What Employers Want to See: A Guide to Standing Out in the Job Market For job seekers looking for careers, standing out among the competition is crucial. But how do you showcase what makes you unique? Knowing what attributes employers want to see in candidates can help create resumes and cover letters that will get… Read More »

Is Brand Culture a Company Culture

Is Brand Culture a Company Culture Every customer experience is a memory. An impression in the mind that can stick for a minute or a lifetime. A positive experience can result in lasting loyalty. But a poor experience can almost instantly mean the end of a relationship.  Brand culture is effectively how a company’s employees live… Read More »

That Elusive Passive Candidate

That Elusive Passive Candidate We all need them.  We all are searching for that elusive passive candidate to fill our open positions.  But we struggle as to how to find and retain them.  We have a labor market bursting with opportunities.  An economy bracing for a predicted recession and the potential of stagflation.  Recruiters and… Read More »

Finding a Good Fit

Finding a Good Fit What does this mean to you?  Finding a good fit at the right company to work for can be tricky. There’s a lot of factors to consider.  Like salary and commute time which helps to see if a job is right for you. But how can you know if it is… Read More »

Brand or Culture?

Brand or Culture? What is more important?  A Brand or company Culture? Can one be without the other in an organization?  The brand is how a company’s behavior is perceived by their customers and the outside world.  On the other hand the culture  is how employee behavior is connected with the company and customer experience.… Read More »