Finding a Good Fit

Finding a Good Fit

Finding a good fit What does this mean to you?  Finding a good fit at the right company to work for can be tricky. There’s a lot of factors to consider.  Like salary and commute time which helps to see if a job is right for you. But how can you know if it is a good company fit or a solid match? More than ever before, employers want to make it clear to job candidates—and their current employees—that they have a strong workplace culture.


More than ever, the phrase “organizational culture” is front and center in any workplace. It’s no longer enough for candidates to have the right skills.  Now they must be in sync with the personality and values of a business as well.  A “cultural fit” is a lot like other relationships, whether platonic or romantic. A business looks for candidates that share similar beliefs, attitudes, and values.

As employers place more of a premium on a cultural fit, so too do prospective employees. Candidates are increasingly attracted to employers who match up with their own views and mindsets.

Why is a Cultural Fit so Important? 

  • It leads to greater employee retention. Employee turnover costs businesses a lot of money. Employers don’t want to hire someone who’s going to leave in a few months because they aren’t a strong cultural fit.  And this can also have a huge impact on their bottom line.
  • It creates stronger performance. Employees who enjoy their work tend to be more productive and perform at higher levels. On the other hand, those who are at odds with a company’s culture can feel stifled and dissatisfied, which causes productivity to take a nose-dive.
  • It leads to a more positive work environment.  If there’s a culture clash, it may affect an employee negatively. And a dissatisfied employee can have an effect on others in the team, creating a lower morale that could be felt throughout the workplace.
  • It attracts the best talent. A great salary and employee benefits can be attractive to some candidates.  But for others, it’s the intangible qualities of a company that make the difference.  Cultural elements are beginning to take a greater precedence over things like salaries or remuneration.
  • It creates a more positive brand image. Not only are the employees a company’s biggest asset, but they can also be their greatest spokespeople too. When colleagues sing the praises of the company they work for, it makes potential clients, customers and candidates stand up and take note.

The Cardinal Culture – Since 1994

Cardinal Staffing Services is not just any staffing company, it is a place you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams. The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We treat our customers and candidates with respect, dignity, and appreciation. We know that sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen and to be given a chance.  We make positive decisions every day that impacts our valued clients, our candidates, and our community.   We are waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today!

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