What Makes You Unique

What makes you unique

What Makes You Unique

What makes you unique

This is a question asked by nearly every employer to identify what skills or qualities make you a better fit for the role. Especially when you and your competitor have identical skills and the employer wants to understand what you value about yourself. But if you don’t have a confident answer ready, it can cost you the opportunity.  This is NOT a trick question so be ready for it.

Why You

Employers want to know if your are confident and how at ease you are to talk your abilities. It’s also important to have a bit of humility when answering this question. They are asking you what makes you different, not special.  So focus on how hiring you can benefit the organization and talk about why your background and experiences make you a good fit.  Let them know why your traits and qualifications make you well-prepared and the right choice for the job.

Soft Skills Make the Difference

Hiring managers want to learn about you, more than what is listed on your resume. Maybe you have a unique ability, some soft skills that other candidates don’t have, etc. Moreover, this is a chance to show that you understand the job description, the requirements needed for this role, and can demonstrate why you’re qualified. You found your way to the interview so it’s time for you shine. Demonstrate how you will be a valuable member of the team and that you will have good relations with your boss and colleagues.

Know Your Value

A personal answer may be interesting, but it won’t help to convince them to hire you. Ultimately, employers want to know how you can save time or make the company money. Prove your value by sharing your past track record of accomplishments and any process improvements you implemented in past positions, and they’ll absolutely want to hire you.

Be Unique and Credible

Here are a few pointers:

  • Research the company and understand the job description. The more you understand the job description and company values the better you will identify unique qualities that resonate with that employer.
  • Include examples. Create a picture of your abilities with successful examples.  The employer is trying to visualize how successful you could be in this job, based on how you have used the skills that are needed.
  • Relevant skills and qualities. List the required skills and match them up with the ones you have. Focus on things that are most relevant to the job description.
  • Be yourself. Don’t exaggerate or say what you think employers want to hear. Be honest to avoid losing your credibility.

To close the deal. All of your answers should focus on telling them what they need to know in order to say, “You’re hired!”

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