Questions to Ask Yourself Before Returning to a Former Position

Considering a return to a previous job position? Before making this important decision, it’s essential to reflect and ask the right questions. Here are some things to ponder when trying to decide whether to return to your former role.

Why Did I Leave?

Start by asking yourself why you initially left the position. Was it a toxic work environment? Were you chasing another opportunity that didn’t pan out? Did you have a simple case of “grass is greener” syndrome?

Before you get labeled as a “boomerang employee“, take the time to honestly assess your reasons for leaving your former role. Then do as much detective work as possible to determine whether things have changed and what you can expect if you return.

Does My Previous Boss Recognize My Professional Development?

Before making a decision, try to reconnect with your previous boss (assuming they’re still in the same role). You’re not the same person you were when you left, and you won’t be happy if your boss makes assumptions based on the past. Did you have a good relationship with your boss? Make sure that you won’t just pick up where you left off, but will instead have the opportunity to meet new challenges based on where you are now in your career journey.

Do My Former Coworkers Think It’s a Smart Decision?

If you’re still in touch with your former coworkers, run the idea by them. They can let you know how things are with the company now, and whether they think returning to your former role would be a smart career move. Don’t base your decision solely on their opinion, but they can provide valuable insight for you to consider.

Why Do I Want to Return?

Figure out why you feel drawn to your former role. Are you in a career slump and looking for something familiar? Are you out of work and just looking for any job you can get? Have your skills improved or changed. Do you feel better prepared with increase emotional intelligence or leadership skills that would make you better equipped for more responsibilities? Or does that job, in particular, truly feel right? In your career and in life, always strive to run towards things rather than away from them. If you have any doubts about your motivation, slow down and think it through before you return.

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