How to Stop Candidates from Ghosting You

Is your hiring team struggling with candidates ghosting, or suddenly dropping out of the hiring pipeline without a trace? From enhancing communication to creating a more engaging candidate experience, let’s take a look at how to reduce this persistent issue in the hiring process.

Discuss Motivations and Deal Breakers

The first step to prevent ghosting is to make sure you’re both on the same page. Learn why the candidate applied for the role. Then, ask about the top three things they want from the position. Finally, find out what their non-negotiables are. Maybe the person won’t take a role that requires travel, or is looking for a four-day workweek, or only wants to work the second shift. If your position meets the candidate’s top three desires and doesn’t include any non-negotiables, it might be the right fit. If not, you can amicably part ways without setting yourself up to be ghosted.

Be Transparent About Salary and Benefits

Today’s job seekers aren’t interested in going through multiple rounds of interviews and then receiving an offer before ever learning what the role pays. Go ahead and have an honest conversation about salary, the onboarding process, and benefits early. Whether a candidate decides to move forward at that point or not, you will dramatically lower the chances of them ghosting you later. Many candidates will want and look for this information when searching for jobs.

Inquire About Their Current Employment

Some candidates are on the fence about whether to leave their current job. Find out what would happen if their employer tried to convince them to stay. This can help you weed out people who are just testing the waters, reducing the likelihood of ghosting.

Make a Pitch

Don’t be shy about what your company has to offer. In a tight labor market, you need to convince potential new hires that they should choose you over all of their other options. Make a short elevator pitch that explains your company’s history, mission, and workplace culture. Make sure you are periodically checking your online brand. Sometimes a candidate could schedule an interview, then find something bad about your company online – the result?? No call, no show!

When you’re ready to make a job offer, circle back to the top three things they want in a new position. Directly state whether you are prepared to offer those, and then ask if there’s anything else they need from you to make a decision. Try to get a verbal commitment, which makes it less likely that they’ll disappear. It’s a little old-fashioned to stay “things have changed” in the recruiting world, but they have…. especially post-pandemic recruiting.

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