What’s Your Online Brand

What's Your Online Brand

What’s Your Online Brand

What's Your Online Brand

You can bet the guy holding the surfboard is out-doorsy and chill, the one with the jack-hammer isn’t, and the girl making pouty selfie face is probably concerned with her appearance. But beyond this amateur detective work, what else can you learn about a person from just a glimpse of their social media profile picture?

More than Socializing

Social networking sites are often a place where you can socialize with friends, family, and acquaintances.  No one ever imagined they could be part of background checks.  But more and more recruiters and employers are using these sites as a valuable tool when screening potential employees.  Some of the things you post may seem harmless or even funny.  But without context, it can project a different image of you to a professional recruiter.

Not Optional Anymore

Social media is no longer optional when putting your best professional foot forward. If you are searching for a job, you need to optimize your social media platforms and online portfolios in order to attract great employers who use social recruiting as a best practice to find candidates. So how do you improve your online persona as a modern job seeker?

Stay Up to Date

You can significantly enhance your online presence by updating your profile on LinkedIn. Making sure that your profile is complete and up to date is crucial.  Write a compelling summary, and provide relevant work experience, education, and skills. Insert some relevant keywords to increase your visibility in search results. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments, projects, and certifications that showcase your expertise.

Leverage Yourself

You can leverage your online platforms to connect with potential employers effectively. Start by proactively following companies of interest on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.    Capture the attention of hiring managers and establish professional connections by making thoughtful comments and sharing relevant insights. By joining industry-specific groups you can gain insights into potential job opportunities.

Bob’s Your Uncle

Just be careful of what you post out there.  Be mindful of what your friends do too.  Keep things or thoughts that you don’t want to reflect negatively on you private.  Don’t let your personal escapades ruin a future career.

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