The Right Match

The Right Match

Assessing Candidates

Lately I have been talking a lot about the importance of hiring the right person for the job, company culture and brand.

Recruiting isn’t a one size fits all approach. Recruiters must adapt to overcome challenges for hiring new employees in a job market that is constantly evolving.  But the type of challenges being faced now often change due to a competitive job market, state of the economy, and the talent pool.

Talent Assessment

The concept of a talent assessment as part of the hiring process isn’t new and is still going strong. That’s because talent assessments provide an indication about whether candidates can do the job you’re hiring for, and if they would fit well in your company culture and team. While there are many items or components when considering someone for a job, personality, education, and experience, can help avoid a bad hire.

Assessment Types

Behavioral assessments – provide an accurate depiction, or pattern, of people’s core drives, and therefore insight into their needs and behaviors.

Cognitive assessments – measure someone’s ability to solve problems, think on their feet, reason and other mental capabilities required to excel in specific jobs.

Integrity assessments – test a person’s honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and prosocial behavior.

AI-Powered Video Interviews

Asynchronous interviews have started becoming more and more popular.  This type of interview lets candidates record answers to questions and allows the interviewers to evaluate the answers at their own time. Apart from the convenience of these interviews, AI technology has also turned them into talent assessment tools.

Job Trial/Work Samples

Job trials aren’t possible for every profession, but they’ll usually work well for blue-collar positions. And that makes sense; job trails or work samples gauge the ability to do a specific work first-hand. Communicate clearly to the candidate the purpose of this work sample and that it will not be used for business purposes. In some cases, you might even think to compensate them for the time invested in producing the sample.

Research shows that careful talent assessment results in significant productivity increases, cost savings and decreased attrition – all, an important part of the talent acquisition process.  Done properly, assessment programs can give companies a distinct advantage in identifying and attracting top talent and avoiding the costs associated with bad hires.

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