A Dream but what is the law

A Dream but what is the law

Employment Law


So, you had a dream.  Then your dream became a vision.  Then you made a plan.  But once you add one worker, you suddenly become an employer.  And now to keep your vision alive you must know employee and employer tax codes, exemptions, labor laws and so much more.

Get Use to Change

Laws regarding employees are constantly in flux.  At local, state, and federal levels, the rules governing compensation, benefits, work hours, time off and other aspects of the employee-employer relationship can vary greatly and are continually evolving.

A Mistake could be costly

When hiring, rewarding, disciplining, and firing staff, careful attention must be paid to the relevant labor regulations.  Failure to follow these regulations can lead to a disgruntled employee, governmental fines and even lawsuits.

Four ways to stay current

  1. Join the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

With 250,000 members, SHRM is the world’s largest professional association focused on HR management.  SHRM provides immediate access to a broad range of legal resources relating to employment topics.  Their website has both Federal and State specific guidance on employment laws.

  1. Sign up for Employment Law Bulletins

Laws are constantly changing so as well as having access to guidance, HR needs to be able to keep up to date with changes.  A great way to do this is to sign up for an employment law bulletin from a reputable source.  U.S. Department of Labor has a Newsroom where you can find current news releases.

  1. E-Laws from Department of Labor

The US department of labor publishes its own employment law guide, E-laws tool. This tool will answer your questions.

  1. Conferences

The SHRM Annual Employment Law Legislative Conference takes place each year. A benefit of attending this kind of conference is that you will be able to network and interact with key legislative decision makers.

There are a range of resources and communication channels that HR can use in order to remain up to date with current employment law.  And new technology is making it possible for the information to be accessed on demand via the internet or via newsletters or even tweets.

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